I bought a second boat just to get his motor back!

Third renovation for Augustin, a very young sailor always looking for the right boat, this time he is tackling a vFirst 285, a 1990 boat that hasn’t been sailed for 5 years. Between good and less good surprises, Augustin always finds solutions to limit his budget.

After the renovation a Feeling 286 Special, second-hand engine and almost new interior (resold, because too expensive to maintain), then a First 210 (resold, because too small for life on board), we find Augustin looking for a sailboat.we are at the end of July 2019.Augustin, who has finished his studies, is now employed, so his financial means have increased a little.

A first 285 ashore for 5 years

This time, he was looking for a yacht that was habitable enough to sail comfortably as a couple. On the port of Moulin Blanc in Brest, he spotted a First 285, but its owner hadn’t been on board for a long time.Indeed, after having taken some information, he learns that the boat has not moved for 5 years. Through the porthole of the rear skirt, the one that lights the aft cabin, he discovers an interior whose linings are completely removed. It is not a pretty sight.

A first offer refused

As usual, Augustin tries to contact the owner, but via the harbourmaster’s office, a letter of offer is sent to him, but no reply is received.It will be necessary to wait 3 months, so that in mid-October the owner appears.the sailboat belongs to a retired person of 80 years old, but alas the advancing age does not allow him to sail anymore.

Augustin visits the boat and discovers a clean sailboat inside (not on the deck!) The sails are beautiful and well stored. Only the aft skin needs to be redone and the cracked porthole needs to be changed.Augustin owns 12 000 $.he offers to buy the boat at this price.but the owner’s daughter refuses and asks 15 000 $.Augustin doesn’t have it.end of story.

The art of negotiating well

In December, 2 months after the first visit, Augustin, who no longer believes in it and has moved on, receives a text message from the owner who accepts the sale price of $12,000.Only in the meantime, Augustin has spent the money to buy a car… He has only 9 000 $ left. He explains the situation. And after a very good contact with the owner, he agrees to sell his boat at this price! “Zigzag” thus changes owner.


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